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Family owned and operated since 1971


Been in Business For Over 50 Years  •  Fully Licensed, and Insured  •  Environmentally Friendly

Who We Are

Marv’s Sanitary Service is locally owned and operated, serving the communities of Brandon, Corson, Rowena, Valley Springs, and most of Minnehaha County East of 478th Ave and South of 258th Ave. We are a multi-generational company committed to a high level of service and common sense solutions for the everyday challenges of recycling and waste disposal.  From taking outstanding care of our customers and improving recycling awareness to providing employment opportunities and running an efficient truck fleet, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service at all levels of our operations.

A little history

Marv and Leona Veldkamp started Marv’s Sanitary Service in 1971. They built the company into a reputable and reliable trash and recycling business. A hallmark of the company is personal service, which for many years was provided to each customer by Marv himself. In 2001, Marv and Leona’s daughter and son-in-law, Tom and Lori Wilford, joined the business which had grown and by then included several employees.  Tom and Lori now own the business. The legacy of attentive personal service established by Marv and Leona is carried on by them and all the employees whether on the route or in the office.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to the area communities, residents and businesses that have placed their trust in us. We are dedicated to consistently putting our customers first. We are mindful of having the most cost-effective disposal and recycling solutions for our customers while maintaining high-quality service.


"When we moved to Brandon, we didn't know any better and just continued to use who we had. After recent problems, we switched to Marv's. We have had more customer service with Marv's within a week of having them than we did in 17 years with our old company. My only regret is that we didn't figure this out sooner."

- Jena Larson Skorczewski Review posted on Facebook

"Thank you Marv’s for the free leaf drop. Brandon is lucky to have you in our community. If you do not use Marv’s services I suggest making the switch....you will not be disappointed."

- Chad Hennen Review posted on Facebook

"We love the service we get with Marv's. Yes, they always leave the cans close to the house so the wind doesn't blow them away. :) We've used them since we moved to Brandon, 8 years ago, and we have nothing but great things to say about them. There's nothing that could make me switch to another service."

- Taiko Pug Review posted on Facebook

"Thank you to Marv's Sanitary and your amazing staff. I called this morning to arrange pick up of carpet and padding out from your entire basement. I talked to the office staff about 8:30 and by noon you had picked the carpet up and taken care of it. We greatly appreciate your prompt service. Having water in the basement is a huge job and you helped take some of the work and stress out of this process. "

- Scott and Lanette Thompson, Brandon Review posted on Facebook

"My wife and I completely recommend the incredible folks at Marv’s!! Being country living folks in a tough environment, Marv’s has never let us down and definitely gone above the call of duty!! This morning I understand the guys might not have trusted the hill down by the house because of the ice that has not melted up on the high part of our lane. But I never imagined that they would walk down and grab the can contents and walk them back to their truck. WOW!! And THANK YOU!!!"

- James Feldman Review posted on Facebook

"Not only are they the best garbage service around (they really do take a personal interest in your "trash service"). They make a special effort to make sure you receive the service they promised when you signed up with them. And if something isn't right, they respond quickly to any concerns. Who knew trash could be so important??!! They are great to work for also and are great supporters of the Valley Springs and Brandon communities."

- Deanna Swenson Review posted on Facebook

"Marv’s provides great service, even when I move and have huge piles of cardboard and garbage. :) They are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them."

- Kelly Thompson Review posted on Facebook

"Great company. Amazing customer service."

- Tim Jorgenson Review posted on Facebook

"They have been great thru the years but in the last few weeks were fantastic when it came to clearing out our house. I'm so glad we get to keep them at our new house."

- Lyla Pedersen Review posted on Facebook

"We’ve been Marv’s customers for many years and they have always provided great service. This morning we were late putting our recycling cart out. The truck was already near the end of our block but when the driver saw me he made a trip back to get our cart. Above and beyond!! That’s what makes a great local company!"

- Melissa Hansen Woidyla Review posted on Facebook